Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The bug has bugs on it!

Well, its been awhile since we posted. The bugs been running good and has been a great car to go back and forth from work in. It has bugs all over its windshield! Its getting 28.7 miles to the gallon and I am hoping it will go up. I just need to quit hot rodding it around. It goes good on the freeway and has lots of pep. It is hard to get a jack underneath it. This picture shows the dilemma.
I have to drive it up on some 2x4's and then lift the front some more to get the jack under it. Now that the front end is done we shouldn't have to jack it up much. Here is a picture of the inside.

It is pretty much stock and has an older radio with one speaker behind the dash. It plays good and seems to fit the bug so I will keep it. I have never been one to spend money upgrading a stereo.
Here is the engine and the new distributor and carb that we rebuilt.

We need to spend a Saturday and install a engine seal and do some cleaning to it. The next upgrades the bug will get is an exhaust system (so it won't sound like a stock bug) and new bumpers. The bumpers on it now are really rusted and look bad.
That will be down the road because there are other more important things to spend money on at the moment. If you see us on the rode give us a honk.

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