Thursday, May 20, 2010

Legal for the year.

Well, It seems like it was a long time coming but the bug is legal and on the road. Today I took it down to Russ' Alignment and had the front end aligned. They did an excellent job and did it fast. I highly recommend this shop if you need an alignment. I used to go exclusively to Val's alignment. The reason I took the bug to Russ' is because they can align lowered bugs and do it regularly. Come to find out Russ and Val used to be partners. No wonder I liked them.

I had the safety and emissions done also. I was worried about the emissions test but it passed with flying colors. So, it has new plates and can now be seen on the street. Watch Out!

We went for a quick spin tonight and ended up at The Great Salt Lake. It was fun and it drove great. Dixie commented about it being bumpy. I finally told the family that it may be to low because after I filled it with gas I couldn't get the jack under it. I had to drive on some 2X4's to be able to get the jack under it. Oh well, it looks good.

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