Monday, May 3, 2010

Clean, Clean and more Clean!

Well we are at the point where we are cleaning and painting all the components like brakes, spindles and other parts. This is the part that I really hate. I am not into the small details, I like doing the bigger jobs. I have to admit that it does make everything funner to install and it makes everything look so good, but talk about BORING! When I was building my nova right after I got home from my mission, My friend Vance did all that work for me. I would tell him its good and he would laugh then spend another couple hours cleaning and painting. I miss that because I just can't talk Dixie into doing it for me. Oh well, the boys seem to like it so we will keep at it. Here are some of the latest pictures.

If there are any Volkswagen guys following this blog you probably laughed at the way I installed my sway bar. Yes the clamps are upside down. You will be glad to know I did fix them and put them on right. If anyone asks me, my story is that that helps them go on easier if you install them upside down first. Maybe I will start a new trend. Ha Ha

Last thing for today is a little bragging about my garage. I have rearranged it and I have to say, I really love it. I have different work stations depending on what I am doing, and for some reason, I have lots of room even with the kids bikes and scooters. I have added an island in part of it. I like being able to get around all 4 sides of it and I end up doing most my work there. I have been using my solvent tank and it has worked like a charm. I think Dixie is going to move the couch out to the garage to spend some quality time with me and the boys.

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Noslo Family said...

I do enough cleaning inside the house. The car parts are all YOURS!