Sunday, September 26, 2010

Camping at Willard Bay

Well, It doesn't seem like the snow is coming anytime soon so all the boys decided to go to Willard Bay and camp overnight. It gave us a chance to try out the huge tube on the water.

It was the perfect day. Perfect weather, perfect water, and best of all we had the whole beach to ourselves.

We camped overnight and had fun sitting around the fire and telling SCARY stories.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Praying for Snow!

Well, we got the bug officially ready for winter. We are ready to go tubing as soon as the snow flies.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Maintaining the Bug and the end of summer.

Well, Its time to lower the bonnet on the Bug. I put the deck lid back down on the bug hoping that it will help lower the temperatures outside. I guess I am ready for fall to come. The only problem is that in Utah it usually goes from hot summer to winter right away. A nice mild Fall would be great.

I also changed the oil. In a bug thats a messy job! I had oil everywhere except in the bucket it was suppose to be in. I also got the heating system ready for winter by adding some clamps that went missing this summer and tightening some needed bolts that shook themselves loose. I wasn't going to drive the bug this winter but I am having to much fun to put it in storage. I guess it's time to find out how good a bugs heater works. I know the front windshield fogs up a lot, but I found some rain-x that works on the inside of glass to keep it from fogging up. It seems like these little cars require a lot of little maintenance to keep them going. The nice thing is that it is lots of easy things and if you procrastinate a little they are very forgiving.

Well, I guess summer is coming to a close. I am hoping to take the boys camping once more before winter really hits. I am also ready for summer to be done so work will slow up. I am getting tired of working on these: