Thursday, May 13, 2010

On the ground and running.

The bug is on the ground and running pretty good. I was hoping it would be a little bit lower in the front and we still need to lower it a bit in the back but it will do for now. Heres how it looks right now.

Heres all the front suspension installed in the car and the brakes also.

Dixie got a sore leg because we had to bleed the brakes. It took lots of brake pumping because all the lines and wheel cylinders are new. It stops a lot better now with the new front brakes. Someday we will have to put new ones on the back.

Last weekend I got the stomach flu so I didn't get anything done on the bug but this week, I was able to get the engine running great. I finally tore off the carb and rebuilt it. The inside of the float bowl looked like the it had sat in the bottom of the ocean for years. It took lots of soaking and scrubbing with some strong carb cleaner to clean it out. I wish I would of taken some pictures but I didn't. It idles great now and runs awesome. The Family loaded up in it tonight and we took it for a spin around the neighborhood. We got it up to 60 and we didn't get the death wobble like we had before. If I can get the time this weekend we are going to install the other running board, the front shocks, lower the back end, put the front bumper back on for safety inspection, and fine tune the engine so it will hopefully pass emission testing. The rush is on to get it done before gas prices get to much higher. Here is a before and after picture.