Saturday, June 12, 2010

Having a Hail of a time!

So Thursday I get off work and start driving home. The next thing I know is I hear some horrible noises coming from over my head. It sounds like some mad man is on top of the bug and using an ice pick to bust through the roof. It isn't long after that I realize I can't see through the windshield. I was driving in a hail storm and it literally sounded like I was driving down the road in a metal shed. I guess in 1969 they didn't believe in putting anything between your head and the metal roof except a thin piece of vinyl that makes up the headliner. I made a mad dash to Auto Zone to get some new windshield wipers so at least I could see the road, but of course they don't stock that small of a windshield wiper. I bought some Rain-X and made my way home.

I did get a picture of the odometer on the bug reading 88888 miles. Pretty cool.

I decided that if I was going to drive this everyday I better be more prepared. I found and bought some new windshield wipers. I think the old ones were the original ones from 1969. They did a good job of streaking the water and making muddy streaks all over the windshield. I also bought some new headlights and I did Rain-X the windshield. If anyone out there has not used Rain-X, I highly recommend it. It is worth its weight in gold in my book. I use it on all our vehicles.

I also bought a new steering wheel. The new one is smaller in Diameter and makes it so much easier to get in the bug. I had to modify the turn signal because it was so close to the new wheel. My Dad would call it custom junk. I guess it is but it is a lot more comfortable. I also spent some time looking at the front seats and found out how to adjust them. I am in phat city now, I have enough room that it feels like I am in a Cadillac. Well until I hit a bump, or need to turn without power steering, or as I am looking for the AC button, or when I hit the gas to pass someone, etc.....

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