Saturday, June 5, 2010

Drive in movie

I came across this old picture and had to post it to the blog. I think this is such a cool photo. It reminded me of my first bug. I was in a bug club and they had nights where they would meet somewhere and then everyone would cruise to another location. This night we met at hires in downtown Salt Lake. We ate dinner and from there we went to a drive in theater in West Valley. There were a lot of VW's and we all lined up and drove to the drive in. It was a blast, I took my brother with me and whenever anyone got stopped by a red light everyone would pull over and wait for them to catch up. I still remember all the VW's lined up at the drive inn. I wish I would of taken a picture. I don't remember what movie we saw, ( maybe my brother does?) but I remember having a good time. I wish there was a club in Salt Lake like the one back then. There is a club but most of the members are in the Ogden area so they do all their stuff up there. It makes for a tight schedule to go after work up to Ogden and make it home at a decent hour. Oh Well, maybe I ought to start one in Salt Lake.

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