Saturday, June 19, 2010

On jackstands again!

Well, the bug spent some of Saturday on jack stands again. Driving home Friday from work it started running rough. I pulled the top of the carburetor off and found the float bowl full of junk. I had a fuel filter on it, but when I pulled the gas tank out the last time I removed it with plans on installing it back closer to the engine so it would filter out anything in the fuel line. I got lazy and did not get around to installing it. That's usually how I work. I like to put things off until I have to accomplish them. Just ask my wife, she will tell you. Anyhow after cleaning the carb and idle jet out again I installed the fuel filter. Here it is.

It is running good once again and I learned that fuel filters are needed just in case anyone was wondering. While I was under the back of the car I decided to put the rubber snubbers on the bump stops. I had removed them because it was too low to use them at their stock height. I had to cut them down a bit.

I took it for a test spin and it was nice not to have the metal to metal contact. The whole family is going to pile into the bug tonight and head over to Kohl's so that will really be the test.

I also had the chance to change the exhaust. It makes it sound much better. I have never liked the high pitch noise stock bugs make. I went with some bigger tips but they are still quiet. I guess I am getting old. I like my exhaust a little quieter now. Here is the before pic
And here is the after pics
Well that's how Saturday went along with fixing some sprinkler valves and heads, and working on the neighbors Ford. I guess its time to hit Kohl's (Dixie has a coupon that's going to expire).

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