Friday, March 14, 2014

The sun is shining once again!

March started out really crappy but the month has taken a turn for the better. Ed is running good. I had to go out of town on monday and tuesday so I didn't get a chance to work on it. Wednesday I finished up the engine, adjusted the brakes and took him off the jack stands. Thursday I did a quick tune up on it. I then took it for a spin and did the necessary runs to break in the rings. It runs a lot stronger then it did before the teardown which is good and it sounds pretty good. I finished with some time to spare! Here was the to do list.
I never did take the transmission out and fix the leak. I just ran out of time and the leak is not a horrible one so it will have to wait. I have tomorrow to work on it so I can wash and wax it then. I also have to check the adjustments on the valves once more and change the oil to get all the assembly lube out of it and it will be good to go. It's nice to have him back on the ground again.
 It doesn't look any different except that it isn't covered in oil from the leaks. It sure runs better though. I guess all the lost compression equaled a loss of horsepower. It runs strong now. I drove it to work today and smiled the whole way. I don't know why but this bug is really a blast to drive. I have another bug I drive also but this one is hands down the funnest one to drive.
So it looks like I am going to drive it down to St. George and really break it in. Hopefully break isn't too literal. Check back and see if this old jalopy makes it down there another year. I think it will do just fine!

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