Sunday, March 2, 2014

March has to get better than this!

I really hope that this month is not going to keep getting worse for me. It started out when I finally decided that it was time to install a new windshield in my bug. The old one was cracked pretty good on the drivers side. I sourced a German windshield, bought a seal locally and recruited some help to install it. I have read that some windshields in bugs are a real pain to install. I had hoped that this one wouldn't be one of those. We got it almost completely installed and then it popped.
 Now it wasn't cracked this bad but when it popped we had no choice but to install it completely because I was at work and it was my ride home. I also didn't have another windshield to install. Needless to say we just did what it took to install it completely and so we weren't that gentle with it after that.
 This happened the next day as I was cutting up a box to put in the recycle bin. The blade slipped and went right through my thumb. I took this picture while I was at instacare. The doctor said it was too deep to not stitch. It took 5 shots to block the nerves so it would be numb. That is what the blood spots further back on my thumb are.
 I was surprised that it cut through my fingernail so easily. The doctor couldn't stitch there so he had to just stitch the front of my thumb. Here is what it looks like now.
 Anyways, I have 2 weeks left and this is what my engine looks like. I have A LOT of work to do if I am going to make it to St. George in the bug.
I hope your month is going better than mine. I guess I need to look at the bright side. I think that the rubber seal I had bought was what made the windshield hard to install. I bought a new seal that is the best of the best seals you can buy and it comes with a lifetime warranty so that is a positive thing. I should stick with my motto of buying the best parts you can. I did that with the windshield but not with the seal so I messed up there. Anyways, I now have a lifetime seal, I get out of doing dishes for 10 days until my thumb heals and I still have 2 weeks to put my engine back together! (I am trying my hardest to send out some positive vibes so my luck will change.) Hopefully that works and all will work out. Check back and see if they do.

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