Sunday, March 9, 2014

So close but so far!

I wish I would of taken more pictures of the progress on Saturday but I didn't take the time to. My Dad and Mom stopped by which was awesome. My Dad helped me get things installed on the engine and that helped a ton. Here is the engine all ready to come off the engine stand.
I pulled the engine off the engine stand and got it ready to install into the bug. I had to bend up a new metal fuel line because the old one was chaffing into the engine tin. I actually got lucky because it was really close to chaffing all the way through and that could of been really bad.
I am about to scoot the engine under the car and get it onto the jack so I can raise it into place.
If you remove the wheel, you don't have to jack the car as high. It's kind of interesting at this point because your lifting the engine while trying to get a floor jack under it. It really helps to have a buddy help at this point but it can be done by yourself if needed. I did this one by myself but I prefer to have help.
 Just as I got the engine on the jack and then raised where it needed to be Ellie brought me out a snack. Chips and milk in a sippy cup always hits the spot. (how do you like my plate for the chips?)  If she had come out a little bit earlier I would have had her push the jack under the engine when I lifted it. Ha Ha.
The engine is installed and most of the way hooked up. I decided to install a new fuel filter and run all new fuel line which of course ended up in a big puddle of fuel on the garage floor. It seems like every time I have to deal with fuel I get more on the floor then should be there. I must have a guardian angel watching over me because I should have been on fire a few times in my life.
I ended the night with the bug ready to be fired up but I didn't want to rush things. I want to make sure I break the rings in properly which requires the car to be driven from 30 to 50 miles per hour at least 10 times or more. I need to adjust the brakes and so I decided I should just adjust them while it's jacked up. When I get it off the jack stands I will then start it up and do the break in runs. I had a goal to get it running and driving by Saturday and I am so close but it didn't happen. Oh well, I will still have a week or so to make sure the engine is running good and not leaking before I go on my trip. I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything will work as it should. I will  not be able to work on it until at least Wednesday so check back then and see if it's on the ground and running.



Hi, can you pls help. If the pistons was put in with the arrow marking on piston showing the other way, will that be a problem?


The Bug Boys said...
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The Bug Boys said...

The pistons wrist pin is slightly offset and so orienting the piston arrows to point to the flywheel helps prevent piston slap. I would tear it apart and switch them if it was my engine but I have pulled them apart and seen the arrows pointing both ways. I guess it depends on how far along you are and what you want to do.