Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A groovy night and a little street racing in the mystery machine!

Tonight was a real blast. We went to a cruise night that was at the Valley Fair mall. The weather was a little warm but otherwise perfect. In fact Utah set a record for the hottest July on record! I have come to realize that I like the cars and trucks that are unusual. I kind of get sick of seeing the popular cars that are at all the shows. That is why I have the pictures of the cars that I do in this post. We saw this 1952 Dodge at the show and it is exactly the way I want to have the international look when I am done. I think it's perfect. This was actually Isaac's favorite car of the show. I am going to sand the international down a little so it shows the different colors it has had through the years like this truck has. I really like it. It makes me more motivated to get the truck up and running. It had a cool old motorcycle in the back of it also. Dixie said I should put our old Yamaha in the back of the international when we get it done. She also said that we should find the owner of this truck and tell him that I was his brother from a different mother because we had the same tastes. Ha ha. I sure liked this truck. She may be right.
 Here is Isaac standing in front of his favorite car of the show.
 This Impala was about the most beautiful car I have ever seen. This one was the one I chose to be my favorite. It was amazing! I have always loved these years of Chevy's. This car was perfect in every way. That is why it got my vote as the best in the show. It is definitely too nice for anything I have ever owned though.
 The music was playing loud and Dixie and Ellie were dancing to it. This picture would be better if it was a video. 2 Beautiful girls dancing and a really nice Impala in the background.
There were 2 pink cars at the show. Ellie liked both of them but she is pointing to her favorite one. It was a cool car. It reminded me of a VW squareback.
 We had just finished looking at all the cars and this groovy van pulled up. I had to blink and make sure I hadn't gone back in time to the 70's. This thing was truly a work of art. I didn't say it was good art, but it was a work of art. We ended up staying another 20 minutes just looking at this van. I really wish I had my camera with me instead of just my phone. This thing time warped in right from 1975.
 It had everything that the vans that were considered cool at that time had. The spoiler on the back, it had some plexiglass sun roof panels, a truly amazing mural painted on the side of it and that was just the outside.
 We talked to the owner and he had picked it up in Texas. It had gone through a hurricane and that is why the front turn signal and marker lights are missing.
The paint work was really cool and all original form when it was first painted. It was a pretty unique mural.
 The inside was period perfect just like the outside. This van had it all with plush carpet, mini fridge, sink and of course a bed. It was wall to wall shag.
This one ended up being Dixie's favorite car. Ha Ha. It made me laugh all the way home and I am still laughing. We hit Arctic Circle on the way home for some ice cream. It is huckleberry days there and I had an awesome huckleberry shake. If you haven't had one I recommend it. They are delicious. On the way home we were heading down 7200 West and a hot Nova pulled out behind us and was trying to be cool. He was all over the road trying to get traction and it looked like he was just learning how to drive it. I laughed and stopped at the red light. He pulled up on the side of us so I told Dixie I was going to race him. The light turned green and by the time he realized he had been beaten off the line by a mini van I was pulling him pretty good. He then proceeded to step on it and he lost traction so I pulled ahead more. He finally got it together and passed me but if we were bracket racing I would of whooped his butt! I laughed for a long time about that. I am betting he doesn't tell his buddies about that race tomorrow. I wish we had video of it because it was really funny. Anyways, it was an unusual, groovy, fun night with the family. I laughed all night long but maybe heat stroke and an overdose of huckleberry's made me delirious. I will have to ask Dixie if this stuff really happened in the morning.

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