Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Getting a STARTer on the shop truck.

I finally saved up enough money to get the starter rebuilt on the old International pickup I bought to use for our shop truck. I have made some decisions on where I want to go with the truck. I think I will do it in stages. Initially I am going to get it running with the original drive train and I decided to leave it 6 volt. The reason I decided to do that is because I have a brand new 6 volt battery that came with the truck and it will be less work up front to get it on the road. I decided to get the starter rebuilt because the Bendix gear was completely stripped and the solenoid was not working. I took it down to A and E Generator and they had all the parts needed to get it rebuilt. They did a great job and the price was right. I couldn't resist taking a picture of their old building with their awesome logo that was painted many years ago. Oh and of Ed of course.
 Here is the starter rebuilt and ready to go. This starter is actually about as big as the engine in Ed. Good old 1950 technology!
 This is the Bendix gear that was replaced. I was really lucky because the gear was completely shot but the flywheel is in great shape.
 I kept it 6 volt for now. When I convert it to 12 volt I will just change out this solenoid with a 12 volt one and run the starter until it goes out. My guess is that it never will.
 Here it is in all it's glory! I cant wait until I get some time to install the starter and see if the engine will run. I figure I will get the engine running and then worry about getting the brakes to work.
The first stage of the shop truck has begun. 
Here is the punch list for the truck.
1. Get the engine running.
2. Get the truck to stop.
3. Get some 15 inch wheels and tires for it.
4. Lower it.
5. Clean up the interior a little bit.
6. Drive it!

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Anonymous said...

I know you may have done a lot to the shop truck by now.....I vound your blog about noon and have spent most of my windy day reading it from the 1st post.

I had an old i
International like this and could not believe the difference lowering it into the weeds made.....now I get to continue reading to see what you did in one year....feel like part of the family now.