Saturday, July 6, 2013

Cache Valley Cruise and the quest for a new hat!

I had been debating on whether to go to the Cache Valley Cruise In in Logan this weekend. I wanted to go but there is always too much stuff going on at home and I had a good opportunity to get some of that stuff done. Anyways, I took a good long look at my hat and decided that I REALLY need a new hat. That was enough of a reason to go to Logan with the family, look at some cool cars and search for a new hat. I really like my Route 66 hat. I have actually owned 3 of them. I buy them from a little roadside store that is between Phoenix and Tucson Arizona. I haven't had the opportunity to get back there to get some more hats and I am in desperate need of a new one so we set off on Friday headed to Logan. Here is my grungy hat. It is actually embarrassing when I get sent on a road trip at work and get on a plane with this hat. It is borderline gross but I really, really like it. I am a creature of comfort and this hat is comfortable to me. Anyways, on to the car show.
 The weather was great up in Logan and the hot rods were all over the place. This little truck caught my eye. I would never of chosen these colors if I was thinking of colors to paint this truck but that is what caught my eye. They looked amazing on it. We saw this truck cruising in Logan later that night and it looked even better on the road.
 This old truck was cool. I liked the way it is chain driven. Isaac liked it also.
 Here is a front shot of the same truck. It was owned by Burton Lumber. It is a cool old Mack truck.
I thought Ellie would like this car. Pink is her favorite color and this car has A LOT of pink on it.
 Isaac is always acting like James Dean. Ellie just wanted to hug his legs. It is a cool rat rod also.
Another rat rod at the show. I always gravitate towards these. I like this one because it's different. Most rat rod tops are chopped a bunch and that makes them hard to drive and they are not comfortable to sit in. If I ever build one I want to be able to drive it everyday. This one looks like it would be a OK to do that in.
 The owner of this WWII jeep let Isaac and Ellie sit in it. He was really cool and explained all about the jeep. The kids had a blast sitting in it.
 Ellie thought these little chairs were put out just for her to sit in. This Coe was cool. If I ever win the lottery I will have one of these trucks in my collection.
 This was Steven's favorite car at the show. I like the color. My first car in High school was this color.
I had to get a picture of a Hemi in a cuda. This is something you don't see everyday.
 This was the coolest bug in the show. I watched it pull in and then checked it out later in the show. It's a little bit lower then mine but not much.
 This is a vendor selling ice cream. They make all their ice cream using a hit n miss John Deere. They also call these johnny poppers. I had a good time checking out the old engine. Steven liked it also and wanted some ice cream. We figured we would get some Aggie ice cream up on campus so we skipped the ice cream at the show.
 I caught Isaac checking out this girl. Ha Ha. He told me he was looking at the inside of the car. It cracked me up.
Ellie had to pet every dog at the show. There were quite a few so she was able to pet all of them. The owners were very cool and all the dogs were well behaved. She even got a kiss from one of them.
We went to Aggie ice cream and the line there was clear out the door. I didn't want to wait in line so we left. I remember my parents talking about a good ice cream place in Brigham city so we cruised there to check it out. Here is the sign on Brigham main street. I never knew Brigham city was the "Gateway to the worlds greatest wild bird refuge". This sign was lit up at night and it looked cool but the picture didn't turn out.
This is the ice cream shop we hit. It was built in the 40's and the food and ice cream was awesome.

 I got a chili dog and everyone else got hot dogs. We didn't know it but they were foot long hot dogs. Lots of food and everything was really good.
 Steven said he had 2 hot dogs in 1. He ate half of it before I took this picture. He liked sitting at the bar.
 We got fries for Ellie. She loved them. They were some of the best fries I have had. I only got a couple because Ellie ate most of them. This picture shows how tired Ellie was form the long day.
This was a good picture but my camera is slow and by the time it took the picture Ellie was headed somewhere else.

 I searched and searched and this was the only hat that I found at the car show. Luckily it is cool and it will replace my good ole route 66 hat. It is a little bit wild for my taste but I like the way it fits and that is whats most important!
All in all it was a fun day. It's always a good day when you can spend it with your family, outside enjoying the weather and at a car show to boot.


Ken said...

Very cool old cars! And I can't blame Isaac for checking out the babe...nice legs! haha.
I stayed for a week next door the the ice cream shop in Brigham, I love that place!
Looks like a day of fun!

The Bug Boys said...

It was a ton of fun. I love Brigham City. It's a cool little town. I would love to own one of the old garages on main street. I would open an auto repair shop there and make it into an old 60's garage. I guess I am just dreaming again. Ha Ha