Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sanford and Sons Speed Shop?

It's been a total rust fest in the shop the past few days. I have felt like Sanford and Sons. Isaac has been out with me watching the deconstruction of Tugger our Baja bug. We have swept up piles and piles of rust from the floor and tonight we cut up the body and loaded it into the truck. We then swept again. Here we are just after we got the body off.
We pushed it out to do some more sweeping and cleaning up in the garage.
 The pan is actually in pretty good shape compared to the body. Hopefully someone can use this pan and make a cool dune buggy or use it for a bug body they have.
 Here are the sad remains of Tuggers body. It doesn't weigh much so I am not expecting to get much from the scrap yard. I still have some more stuff to put in before I go there. I am glad I don't own a wrecking yard. It's not that fun scraping cars.
I am keeping these 2 panels I cut off tugger. I will eventually use these on the blue bug that is replacing the Baja. I will weld these onto it to remove the crescents so I can remove problem areas of rust that the newer bugs have.
Hopefully the days of Sanford and Sons are almost over in the shop so we can get back to doing some fun cool stuff. I think Isaac will get more excited over the blue bug when we get an engine in it and drive it around. He has been a real trooper helping me scrap out his beloved baja. I promised him the steering wheel and the license plates. Check back and see whats coming up in the future for the shop!

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U still have that dune buggy?