Saturday, August 3, 2013

Goodbye Tugger! January 1969 to August 2013

We had to shed a tear for Tugger today. This is the final resting place for his body. We took it to the scrap yard and got $24.75 for him. It doesn't seem like a fitting place to end your 44 years of life on the road but hopefully he will be melted down and reused for something really cool. There are a lot of his parts that live on so he's not completely dead. In fact his signal relay is going strong in Ed right now. I still have his pan, front end, trans and motor. Hopefully someone will buy his pan off me and make a really cool dune buggy or something. If that doesn't happen, maybe I will.
 On a happier note, we hit Jamba Juice for a cold buster because we all seem to have a summer cold for some reason and on the way home we passed this really cool Hot rod! It was cruising up SR-201 and looked awesome. I told Dixie that someday I will have one of these and I will drive it everyday. I loved it!
Speedweek at the Bonneville salt flats is happening August 10-16. I am seriously thinking about loading up the bug and the boys and cruising out to it at least for 1 day. It will be hot but a blast. My Dad took me out there when I was young and I have fond memories of it so I would like to have my boys experience that. Check back to see if we make it. My next post will be about my stand against a boring commute! Check it out to see what I am talking about. Till then, keep your foot on the throttle!

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