Thursday, August 8, 2013

Fun at Lagoon and of course some cool cars!

So as usual, we are trying to cram every fun thing we can possibly do for the summer into the last 2 weeks. We went to Lagoon on Monday and it was a blast. Steven, Isaac and Ellie were real troopers. Being the cheapskates that we are we opened the place in the morning and stayed until it closed at night. We have to get our moneys worth! The kids did awesome and we had a good time. Ellie is the bravest out of all of them which shouldn't really surprise anyone if you know Ellie. Here she is cruising in her Ford thinking shes in England I guess because she's driving in the right hand seat. She loved being on her own. She drove this ride a few times.
 This was just after lunch. We rode the log flume a couple times and ate in pioneer park. Ellie is posing for the camera of course.
 Here is a close up shot of her.
 Ellie liked the helicopters too. She even learned how to make it go up and down.
She also liked the boats. She really wanted the pink one but was stuck with the blue one this time. She liked the bell.
 She also liked to steer. I remember these boats when I was a kid so they are pretty old.
 Isaac getting ready to swing. The other kid doesn't look real happy to be in the picture. Ha ha!
 Ellie finally got to be in the pink boat but had to share it with another girl she didn't know. They were friends by the time their ride was up.
Steven and Isaac waiting in line for the parachutes at night. The night adds some fun with all the lights on the rides. They are looking a little bit tired in this picture.
 That was our lagoon day. We actually hit a ton of rides but didn't get a lot of pictures. There wasn't a lot of people there so there weren't many lines at all. It was a great day. We went to a cruise night last night and Ellie saw this pink thing and jumped out of her stroller. She wanted her picture taken with it and wasn't going to move until she got it. I could see her driving this thing. It is really her style and was her favorite one of the show..
 This truck was Steven's favorite. He loved the color of it.
I chose this Chevy as my favorite. It was super nice.
 Ellie actually took this picture and this was Dixie's favorite of the night. It is a good picture!
We will see what else we can cram into the last few days of summer. It should be busy but fun!

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