Saturday, August 31, 2013

Enjoying the drive?

I passed these 2 cars on SR-201. Do you think they have a boring commute?
 The top one was just plain cool. It just does not get better then that! One day when I can afford it I will be driving one of these everyday until my kids take my keys away because I am too old to drive.
This ford cracked me up. I thought maybe it just had a door missing but both of the doors were off. The left front wheel had some major problems. It looked like it was ready to bust a ball joint. The stuff in the cab was flying around from the air and the stuff in the bed of the truck looked just as sketchy. I am going to keep an eye out for cars that are out of the ordinary driving on the road and post them here when I find them. I generally only see about 1 car a week that will actually turn my head so we will see how many will end up here. Happy Labor Day everyone! We are going to attempt to BBQ some ribs for the first time. I hope they turn out. If not, I guess we will have hot dogs. So, until next time, Are you enjoying the drive?

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Ken said...

I like the one on the top...very cool!