Monday, September 9, 2013

Lots of peaches at Peach Days!

Saturday we had a peach of a day at peach days. Ha Ha. Peach days is a celebration held in Brigham City, Utah. They have lots of activities going on all day Friday and Saturday. We woke up early and hit the parade on Saturday. It's a good parade with lots of entries. It's the only parade that I have seen that has an actual tank drive down the road. That's always pretty cool to see. The weather was really nice. It was overcast most of the day and we had a little sprinkle during the parade but it felt good and cooled things off nicely.
 Pretty cool highway patrol car. I remember seeing this at the Auto Rama.
 Lots of clowns. The Shriner's were there driving little trail 70 motorcycles, little go carts and of course their flying carpets. I didn't get a picture of those though. Bummer!
 Jack Sparrow even showed up. We actually saw him driving down the freeway pulling the float on our way to the parade. The kids couldn't believe their eyes.
This was pretty cool. It's a car the local high school is going to restore. I wish my high school did something like that. We had to bring our own cars to work on in my auto shop class. It did give me a chance to hook up nitrous oxide to my trans am though.
 This old boy was having fun pulling a trailer in the parade. I don't think I have ever seen a Jacobsen tractor.
 Lots of cool old cars throughout the parade.
After the parade, we went to the car show. It was huge this year with lots of really nice cars. This truck was neat. It's sitting perfect. I wish I could get the international to sit like this.
 This Cadillac was HUGE! It was beautiful. It was pearl white and looked amazing. If you have ever painted pearl you know how hard it is to get it to look right. This one was perfect.
 Lots of motor in this car. I love the suicide doors.
 I have got to have one of these car club plates. I have never seen one until this one. I wish I could borrow it to make a sand casting from it. The search is on to locate one. If you know where one is or have one, get a hold of me please.
Nice. What more can I say?

 Not sure if I liked the fake patina on this one but it was different.
 Gotta love Tri Power in a goat.
 Ed Jones was there with his wheel standing fire truck. He is about to start it up for the crowd. It smells like Jelly Belly's when he runs it.
Here it is throwing out some flames from the exhaust. It was a sight to see. 1100 horsepower and it smells good too. It got a little warm standing this close to it.
 Here is a good use for a crescent wrench. You have to hold your lights up with something. The JD bottle is a good overflow container. If you look closely at rat rods, you will see this kind of cool stuff all over on them. That's why I like them so much. It's like rolling, driving art.
 I love the shift handle on this one.
 I want to add a logo like this to the international when I get it up and going. Of course it will say Olson's Speed Shop though.
It was a great day. This show seems to get bigger and bigger every year. Someday I will get a car that's good enough to enter into a show. Not sure if I will enter it even if I do but it is fun to go and get ideas and motivation from them. Summers almost over. I guess I need to quit going to car shows and get my winter driver running before the snow flies. Not sure if I am going to make it.

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