Thursday, September 26, 2013

Enjoying the Drive part 3.

This week I have seen more cars then I have shown here but I haven't had my camera with me. Here are the ones I did catch. This T-bird is nice. There was a guy driving it with an elderly women in the passenger seat. It is a cool car.
 This one isn't my style but the guy looked like he was having a blast driving it. (I really need to clean the windshield of my bug.)
 This is a blurry picture but I got it. A girl was driving this bug really close to where I live. It's always cool to see another bug on the road.
 And then there was this! Today at lunch my friend spotted this and I barely got a picture of it. He said we could do better then that so he chased it down.
This vehicle is really long. A girl was driving it. They went into taco bell for lunch so we snapped a few pictures.
 Here is a front view. It would be fun to drive. I bet it gets blown all over in high winds though.
 We were amazed at how many people showed up out of nowhere to take pictures of it. Here are some of the people taking pictures. I bet they get that everywhere they go. It must be fun to drive when you get that much attention. I wonder what kind of fuel it uses. Bio fuel?
That's it for this week. I will try to have my camera close by to get more pictures for the next week. Until then, keep your gas tanks full.

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