Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recovering the back seat.

I bought a set of front seats for the bug a couple months ago. I got a complete set of front seats and the upholstery for the rear seat. I installed the front seats awhile ago and I finally get around to doing something with the rear. The rear seat in the bug is in great condition. It was redone before I bought it and it is perfect. I wish I knew where the previous owners got the fabric. If I knew that, I would of just redone the front seats to match and been happy. Anyways I bought a backseat from a guy and that is the one I am going to redo and I will save the good rear one for something else. Maybe someday I will find out where to get some fabric that matches and I will redo the front seats. Here are the front seats that I installed.
Here is the upper part of the back seat that I bought. It is a little rough but the framework is in good shape. 
 Here I am removing the old cover.
 The old foam is a little bare but the new cloth has foam installed on it.
 Here is the back side of the new upholstery. Now I just need to put it on and stretch it tight and tack it in place.
 It actually wasn't that hard to do. Here it is. I still need to stretch it a little and maybe add some more hog rings but I think it turned out OK. Now I just have to do the bottom half of the seat and install it into the bug. It should look pretty good. The upholstery isn't the best quality but it looks good and will work great for what I need to do with it. I will post some final pictures when it's installed.

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