Saturday, March 19, 2011

Finished the back seat.

Well, I got some time this morning to play in the garage and finish up the back seat. It turned out pretty good I think. It all fit together well and I was able to get it all installed in the car. Here are some pics.
Here is the original back of the back seat. It's in great shape but doesn't match the front seats I bought. I removed this to start with this morning.

I then installed the new back of the back seat that I recovered a couple days ago.  It is only 2 bolts and it comes out and bolts back in. Very Easy.

Here is the seat that I bought to use. I removed this old cover and found some framework that needed to be tweaked straight and fastened correctly. You can see the bow in the whole seat. It took awhile to get that out and straightened.                                                                                                                                       
Here I have the fabric on the frame after I tweaked everything straight. I have some hog ring pliers here. They work great for installing the fabric. They use a hog ring that clamps together to hold the fabric.
Here I am using it on the fabric. I am actually fastening it on the frame through a hole.

Here is the finished product. You can see everything is nice and straight and it all fit really well. This bottom of the back seat was actually a lot easier to put together then the back of the bottom seat was.

And here it is all installed in the car. It looks awesome and I sat on it and it's pretty comfy also.

One more picture from the back window. The only thing I am hoping for is a few of the wrinkles in the back of the bottom seat to work themselves out. Hopefully they will but if not it doesn't look too horrible for a first time amateur job. Now the next thing for the interior is carpet. It may be awhile, I'm outta money!

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