Saturday, March 12, 2011

Ed has a brother!

This morning me and Isaac loaded up the truck with a tow bar and some tools and headed to Tooele to pick up the latest project. I had the chance to get a baja bug for really cheap and couldn't pass it up. Isaac loves baja's and so he is super excited and already is planning on what color to paint it. This bug was built in 1969 just like Ed but it has had a really hard life compared to Ed's. I figure this bug spent most it's life in Utah. I could tell that by how much rust is on it. The good thing is that being a baja bug, you can cut out the rust and weld in new metal or just install diamond plate over it. It all looks good and tough on a baja. Isaac wants to paint it army green or camouflage. I figure I will become an expert in powder coating before this bug is done. I already have plans to do the wheels, bumpers and undercarriage. Well, here are the pictures of Ed's brother. If you have a chance, listen to CW McCall's song titled classified. This is what I felt like picking this car up.

Here it is in all it's glory! This is the second time that the tow bar has come in handy. This was a shorter tow home then Ed's. I picked him up in Logan.
The wheels are a little rusty, and the color isn't the greatest but there is definitely potential.
I think Isaac is right, It would look good in a flat army type green.
There is plenty of powder coating to do in the back. The engine is currently not running with a suspected thrown rod. That's OK because it is just a 1500 single port. Someday there will be at least a 1600 dual port like Ed has. Who knows maybe he will get Ed's engine when Ed gets a bigger one.
In 10 years Isaac may be driving this around with his friends in it. If it gets done by then. 
This will be a hard one to sell in the future. Isaac already loves it.
I have no idea what Steven is doing in this picture but he looks entertained!
It leaks a little oil and the fan belt looks a little loose.
But hey look at that headliner. It doesn't get any more custom then that. It does seem to clash with the seat covers though.
The seats are tuck and roll velour!
Here is the ride home. Isaac and his new car all in one picture.
So, from what I can tell, It needs a motor, a paint job, some rust fixed, the interior updated, lots of powder coating, oil leaks fixed, some wiring done and some well needed maintenance, but outside of that, She's Cherry! Hey at least I will have some stuff to blog about for the next 10 years or so.

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