Friday, March 11, 2011

Installing pop out windows in the bug.

So a couple of months ago I ran across a set of used pop out windows for really cheap. I of course bought them and they are in fantastic condition. The only thing they needed was the outer seals. I bought some from Bob's VW and on a slow day at work I installed the seals.                                                                       

Here are the windows. I have already installed an outer seal on one of the windows.
Here I am with my buddy installing the other seal. The first one went really well. The 2nd one sucked. It seemed to be a lot tighter and took a lot more pulling and prodding to get the seal in.
I was successful in getting both seals in without ripping them but my hands payed for it. I had blisters and they hurt for a week. Dixie had no sympathy for me or my hands.
Here they are ready to be installed in the bug. They sat around for a few months in my garage before I had the time to go out and install them. I had some time today so I figured now was as good of a time as any.
Here is what was in my bug. They are solid quarter windows. The first thing to do is remove them.
I cut the rubber seals off because they were the original ones and hard as a rock. I then pushed on the inside and they popped right out.
I cleaned where the window was and got ready to install the new ones. I did each side different. On the left side I was having trouble fitting the window in with the hinge installed on the window so I took it off. I then installed the hinge onto the seam of body and then installed the window onto the hinge. This one was very tight and I had to take some time off and cool down before I got to mad and threw the window down the driveway. I was really close to doing that so if you were walking in front of my house I apologise for any bad words you may have heard.
After I walked away and visited with my parents for a few hours I was ready to start again. As you can see it worked out and I got the window in. The right side went in a lot easier. I left the hinge on the window and installed it all together as one unit. It wasn't nearly as tight for some reason.
The next step is to install the back bracket where the window pops out at. All VW's made already have the holes predrilled for pop out windows. The only trick is finding the holes under the headliner. It's really not that hard, just feel around with your finger and it's easy to find.
When you find it, put an awl in there so you can install the screws later. There are 3 screws for the back bracket and 5 screw in front for the hinge.
Here is the bracket installed. I used stainless steel sheet metal screws that are 3/4 of an inch long and have countersunk heads. They worked great.
I picked up some pinch welting and that just goes around the inside of the body where the old window seal hooked to. It installs easy and looks great.
Trim it up around the front hinge
I bought covers for the hinges that finished off the inside of the windows.
I have always loved the look of pop out windows and the kids can pop them open if they get to hot. In the summer they will most likely always be open because they work great as air conditioning.
Here they are all installed and cleaned up. Isaac wants to take a ride in it and see how they feel. I told him tomorrow. It started getting to cold to drive around with the windows open.
I also finally got a piece of trim for my hood. It was always missing since I bought the car. I actually ordered it back before Christmas time and it just barely showed up last week. It looks really good so I guess it was worth the wait. I wish I knew what color of white the bug is painted. I would love to touch up some areas and replace the back fenders but I don't want to drive around with primer on them or worse yet not match. I guess it will have to wait until It gets painted. Someday that may happen.


William said...

Great job Chris! I'm getting ready to tackle mine on my '64 Beetle so thanks for the post.

Scott said...

Great article. Thanks! Will be doing my '66 pretty soon.

Anonymous said...

Do you know if you can do this on a 72 square? Someone busted my window and its crackled. I've wanted to for a long time but not sure how to go about tackling it! Thanks for the great photos!!!

Duke said...

What holes hinge bracket in place, Did you had to drill hole on the body for the hinge bracket where the 3-5 screws goes that holds the glass. Thanks for the illustration on the glass

The Bug Boys said...

You don't have to drill any holes to install pop outs. The holes you need are already in the pinch weld so you can just install them. It is really a slick install. Kudos to Volkswagen for putting all the holes needed in the bodys of the bugs whether they had pop outs or not.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this! I've been gathering all the stuff to get pop outs on my 74 for over a year now and finally have everything when I realized that I really had no idea where to start! Now hopefully Ill be able to get them in before we head down to Florida! Wish me luck!

The Bug Boys said...

Good Luck, They will be really easy and well worth it!

Ed G. said...

Do you put the pinch welt all around the opening first, or just after, and from the top of the hinge to the bottom of the hinge? Do you put the pinch welt under the hinge?

The Bug Boys said...

The pinch welt is installed after the windows in. It just butts up to the hinge, not under it. They have plastic covers that will install on the hinge to finish it all off.