Sunday, March 6, 2011

Billings, to Burbank, to Los Angeles, to Tucson in 6 days?

What a week it has been, Dixie said some overtime might be nice but I don't think she meant for this much. I knew for about a week that I was headed to Tucson to look at an airplane but on Monday I got sent to Billings Montana to look at an airplane.                                                                                             

This is about 9 at night in Billings. It was like 13 degrees and wind gusting at 30 MPH. It was pretty cold. We ended up finishing about 1 in the morning. We flew home on Tuesday and finished out the day at work. About 4 when we were getting ready to go home we found out that there was a plane in Burbank that was grounded for an indication problem. We were the only ones still around so off we headed to Burbank. Burbank is where Jay Leno's garage is but I couldn't find it. Not from lack of trying. I asked everyone I saw and they all knew it was around there and they all see him regularly but no one could tell me where it was. We ended up working until about 3 in the morning that time and headed to the hotel. In the morning as we were eating breakfast we got a call that the plane we worked on had another problem and we needed to rush to the airport and look at it. We went to the airport and found out the plane was in LA. There are no planes from Burbank to LA so we had to rent a car and drive there.   
This 747 was in LA. Cool airplane, very big. I built these in Everett Washington for Boeing for 6 months in the late 90's. We fixed the airplane and ended up missing our plane so we had to catch the late flight home. We got home around 1 AM Thursday morning. I worked Thursday because it was my regular day and on Friday I caught my plane to Tucson.
 Here is the Plane in Tucson. It is one we are buying and so we had to check out the engines before we took them over.
This is my buddy I flew down with. We worked until 11 Friday night and had one more engine to scope in the morning. We finished up Saturday afternoon and saw a small car show right by the airport so we had to stop.
 This is a Manx. It's a dune buggy on a VW floorpan. It was an original Manx and pretty rare. The little go cart on the trailer was cool also.
 Here is the car I will own when I retire. It has to be my favorite car of all time. It's a 1932 Ford. (of course it will have Chevy Power.)
 Here is a Shelby Mustang. If you look close it has his signature on the dash.
Here it is from the outside.
The last cool thing I saw in Tucson was some military planes doing training for a future airshow. Look closely and you will see a P-51, an F-22 and an A-10 flying in formation. Very, Very Cool!!! The A-10 and the F-22 did a bunch of maneuvers before they got in formation. I was blown away with what I saw the F-22 do. I had no clue a plane that big could maneuver the way it did. It was amazing. Well, Dixie has vowed not to wish for more overtime anytime soon and hopefully things will be back to normal at work for awhile. I have to get to know Ellie again. She forgot who I am. Working 90 hours in 6 days will do that I guess.

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