Saturday, November 23, 2013

It Runs!

I had a Saturday full of working on bugs. I got up early in the morning and did a tune up on Ed. (The white bug). It started running bad so I adjusted the valves, points and the timing. It runs like a top now. I then pushed Lulu (the blue bug) in the garage in hopes of getting the engine in and running. Here they are in the garage ready to be worked on.
 I didn't have any help so I dug out my engine hoist to get the engine off the stand. I guess I am getting old. If I can use a lift/hoist/crane/jack etc, I will. Anyways, here is the engine getting lowered down to the floor.
 I then lifted up the bug and pushed the engine under the car. At this point I grunted, groaned, and made some weird noises as I lifted the engine onto the jack.
 This is where I was when I remembered that the rear transmission mounts were bad. I had planned on replacing them but had forgotten all about it until then. So, I was off to Bob's VW to buy some mounts. I also picked up a brake hub that I needed and 2 lug nuts. I now have everything I need to get Lulu on the road except for a front windshield. I have a buddy that is going to install that for me when I can drive the bug into work. Here are the new trans mounts installed and now I was ready to get the engine installed.
This was just before I put the jack under it. I guess my pictures got mixed up but you get the idea.
 It was a tight fit on this bug. The custom alternator pulley cover got in the way when I was raising the engine but with a little wiggling it went past the engine compartment seal..
 I maxed out on the jack and still had about 2 inches I needed to raise it. I grabbed my other jack and lowered the bug to get the engine in. It worked out really good. I installed the 3 nuts and 1 bolt that hold the engine in and it was officially installed into Lulu.
I hooked up all the wiring and installed a big new fuel filter to catch any crap that may be in the tank. This is the first car I have got running after sitting for a long period of time that I didn't completely clean out the fuel tank and lines. I started draining the tank of fuel and I realized that the fuel didn't smell bad. It even looked good so I decided to run a big filter and take a chance with it. I guess I will find out if this was a mistake or not in a week or two. So, this is all the pictures I have but I did get it off the jack stands and I fired it up. I only have a header on it right now with no muffler so it was really loud. I drove it forward and put it in reverse and the trans seems OK. I need to adjust the clutch and tune up the engine but I think it will work out good. My oil light is inop and I will need to fix that. The wiring on this bug is not as nice as my other bug. It looks like a rats nest so I am expecting to have some gremlins to work out as time goes by. That's OK though, I am getting to not hate electrical problems anymore. They are a challenge and I like that. That is where I ended my day. I need to re-index the rear suspension and get an alignment and it should be roadworthy. Oh ya and get the muffler installed before the neighbors call the cops on me.

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