Sunday, November 3, 2013

Getting the engine ready to install.

I have everything to put the engine back together for Lulu my class 11 bug. I needed to clean up the engine so on Friday I pushed it out and sprayed some degreaser on it.
 I fired up my pressure washer that a buddy gave me and sprayed it off. It worked great. I can see this pressure washer being very handy in the future.
 I even sprayed off the oil stain that Ed had left on the driveway. It was a beautiful sunny day so I let the engine dry off outside and then I went and did some yard work.
 Lulu has a later style transmission so I had to remove the ring you see here from the pressure plate. I had this engine installed in an earlier style transmission. To remove the ring you have to remove the pressure plate and remove the slip ring and the metal ring. If you are unsure if you have an early or late transmission, just look for the guide that is bolted over the drive spindle. If you have one, it is a later model. If you don't, it's an earlier one.
Saturday I spent most of the day cleaning up the garage so I could actually walk around in there. I did have some time to install some tins on the engine and mock up the intake manifold as you can see here. It's staring to come together and is looking pretty good I think.
 I spent some time polishing a few aluminum pieces that will be on the engine. My buffer made quick work out of this.
 I am almost ready to install the alternator into the dog house and then I can put that on. Here it is all powder coated and ready to be installed.
 I did some rearranging in the garage while I cleaned it. Lulu ended up getting pushed out and Ed got his spot back in the garage. I had some spare time to cover my air conditioner and even fertilize the grass on Saturday.It was perfect timing because............

This is what we woke up to! It snowed throughout the morning. It was great for the fertilizer I just put down and Ed was happy to be in the garage. It looks like I didn't make my goal of getting Lulu running before the first snow fall but I am getting close.
You have really got to love Utah! Yesterday it was 70 degrees and I did yard work in a t-shirt and today it is snowing and barely 40 degrees. Ha Ha, I do love it though. Until the next post, enjoy your drive no matter what kind of weather comes your way.

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Bradford Denham said...

OK, so about five years late to this blog, but I've enjoyed your Class 11 build-up. I too am here in SLC (Sandy), and hope to see what your Class 11 looks like now 5 years later!

I have a '96 Bronco pre-runner that is my weekend play toy but always thought that a well-built Class 11 with a few more creature comforts would be a fun daily driver.


Sandy, UT