Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Type of Truck that will replace Tugger.

So I have been doing some thinking about Tugger and I've had a tough time trying to decide to part him out or not. The hardest part is that Isaac loves that ugly Baja bug. I can't really figure out why he does but he does. Anyways tonight the family loaded up in the van and went to Valley Fair Mall and Costco. It was a 2 fold mission. Isaac, Ellie and myself were going for the car show that was being held at the mall and Dixie and Steven were going to go to Costco and meet us back at the show. Ellie would not of let us go to the car show without her. She is totally a Daddy's girl! We drove around the mall and found the car show on the north side. The wind was blowing pretty good and it was pretty cold. We found that there was only about 12 cars there so we decided to all go to the car show and then we would all hit Costco. It was cold and windy and there wasn't very many cars there but we still had a good time. I found the EXACT style of truck that I have been looking for to replace Tugger with. I asked Isaac if we built one and replaced Tugger if he would be OK with it. He said it would be alright and Dixie even didn't mind it. She keeps saying that I must like to work hard fixing my cars if I am going to drive stuff like that. She should already know that about me. Ha Ha. I snapped a picture with my crappy cell phone camera because I didn't have my camera on me. I didn't really get the whole truck but here it is.
This truck is perfect in my book. It is a 1948 Dodge. I am looking for a 1947 to 1953 truck. It can be a Chevy, Dodge, Ford or even an International. The make of the truck doesn't concern me as much as the year because I love the style of all the trucks of that era.  It also gives me a wide range to look at and I have plenty of time to find just the right one. I will know the truck when I see it. I am going to leave the body with the original paint and rust (patina) and run steel wheels with hubcaps and beauty rings just like the one pictured. I will probably paint Olson's Speed Shop logo on the side of the doors and then make it look weathered like it has been on there forever. (That's assuming I ever come up with a logo that I like.) I am going to lower it a little bit but not as extreme as Ed is going to be lowered and then just drive it. This will be my transportation year round come rain, snow or sun along with Ed so I am going to make it reliable and safe. So, if you see a truck that fits my year range for sale, let me know. I am actively searching for one.

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