Sunday, April 14, 2013

Looks like a week full of rain!

This week looks like it's going to be pretty wet. Isaac and I went for a Sunday drive today to try to get a photo of  Ed in front of an antique store so we could post a picture on the local VW club website. We ended up in Magna on Main Street. This is a neat little place that was decorated and painted up to look like an antique store many years ago. They made it look like this for a TV show called "Touched by an angel". Not sure if anyone remembers that show but they filmed a few episodes here and used this building as part of the set. It was an interesting drive. We had a bunch of people give us thumbs up, and I saw a girl hit her friend playing slug bug. I see that a lot in my bug and it always cracks me up. We also had a drunk man stop us in the middle of main street. I thought something was wrong with him but he just wanted to talk about the bug. It was a fun and interesting drive this afternoon. 
 I guess if it's going to keep raining, I am going to need to get some new back tires for Ed. They are pretty much bald due to the camber of the rear tires because he is lowered. I usually just drive Tugger the baja bug when the weather is bad but his exhaust is cracked beyond repair. He also needs a new master cylinder installed because it leaks. I have almost decided to just part him out at this point because he is so rusty and I don't really want to spend money fixing him. It is a pretty sad day. This is the 1st picture we have of Tugger when Isaac and I picked him up a couple years ago. I really hate to part it out but I think it is the only economical thing to do. I am going to replace him with an early 50's pickup truck if I ever find the right one.
I remember this day when we brought Tugger home. Isaac was so excited and he still thinks tugger is the coolest car ever. Hopefully his heart won't be broken when we part him out. Try to stay dry this week and enjoy all the seasons we are blessed to have!

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