Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Cruise Home!

I said goodbye to St. George for another year. One of the best parts about participating in the mini indy is the drive down and back in Ed. I love a good road trip when I can drive a cool car. Ed performed flawlessly the whole time. Here he is ready to begin the journey home. I hadn't decided on a route when I took off this morning. I figured I would leave it up to how I felt along the way and what the weather was doing. I had 3 routes in mind when I left.
1. The same way I came down which basically runs on the west side of I-15 after Cedar City.
2. Cruise I-15 up to Cove Fort and then take I-70 over to highway 89 then up from there.
3. Cruise I-15 to Cedar City, cut over to highway 89 then head north.
I got to Cedar City and the weather looked crappy in the mountains where I had planned to cross over so I stayed on I-15 thinking I would go to Cove Fort. Well, I got tired of the freeway and decided to cross over to 89 on 20 which is the next road after Cedar City. I went this way last year and it was beautiful so I decided to do it again. Here is a morning picture before we left.
 I ran into a couple real nice haulers along the way. There must of been some kind of automotive event going on somewhere. These haulers were 1st class all the way. I couldn't resist a picture of  the reflection of Ed in the polished aluminum. I love this picture. The scenery behind Ed is just cool also.
 This shows how nice the trailer was. This is just the back of it.
 Here is the side of the one I was behind.
This one was in front of the other one. They were nice but I had to get past them because the vortices off semis make Ed get a front end wiggle.
 I stopped for gas and added a quart of oil in Gunnison. My GPS messed me up last year and it routed me around Gunnison. Dixie's grandmother lived in Gunnison and so I wanted to stop and take a picture of her old house.
 I missed it last year but got it this year. This was her house. Gunnison is a neat small town.
 I saw this old building with a great sign painted on it. I think this was in Manti. It's too bad they put this man door in it. It kinda ruins the look. I would of fabricated a cool door to fit the opening and that would of looked old to match the building. Oh well, it's still a cool old building.
I skirted around most of the weather throughout the day. I only hit small flurries of snow which was good because Ed has bald back tires. I was a little nervous I would hit more snow on the drive. I saw clouds like this all along the journey.
 Here is Gunnison Reservoir with some more threatening clouds.
 I had to stop to look at the Manti Temple. It's a beautiful building. I got a picture of this marker that talks about the temple. You can see in this picture some of the snow that was coming down. Luckily it didn't last long.
 These wind turbines always impress me on Highway 6. They were spinning pretty good today. This picture does not show how massive they are. It's quite a sight in person.
I saw the odometer turn over 5000 miles on the way down but didn't have my camera handy. When I saw it turning over all 5's I had my camera close by. Just don't look at the speed ha ha.
Tacor race team always comes up with some cool shirts for the mini indy. This was it for this years. They give all the guys on the tech team one. I think it's a cool design and I look forward to wearing it. It also kinda sums up the week.
Monday it will be back to the grind. Hopefully I will be able take Ed on some more cruises this year. I'm sure I can talk Isaac and Ellie into going with me. Who knows, maybe I can even get Steven and Dixie  to come with me. If we all go I will have to add 1 more seat belt. There are lots of projects lined up for the garage. I have some people waiting to get in and that's not counting Dixie's van and Ed. Hopefully I can get some of them done in the future.Just remember it's not the destination, It's all about the journey. Keep Cruising!

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