Sunday, March 17, 2013

Stock vs. Custom!

I have this picture hanging on my garage wall. I've had it forever and it's one of my favorite pictures. I actually think my brother gave it to my dad and I acquired it somewhere along the way. It shows 2 identical cars, 1 is stock and the other one has been customized. The people in the cars make me laugh also. I would love to reproduce this photo with a stock bug and then with my bug next to it. I figured I would share one of my favorite photos that hangs proudly in my garage.
On a sadder note, I think I am officially pulling the plug on Tugger the baja bug. I was going to do some work on it this weekend and the more I looked at it the more problems I found. I wanted to re-index the rear torsion arms but I saw so much rust I decided to reevaluate the project. I found the exhaust on it is so rusted that it has cracked in a bunch of places and needs to be replaced. I need to install a new master cylinder because it leaks and then there is the rust issue. I think it would be easier and a lot less money to part him out. I have a hard time doing this because I think Isaac's heart is going to be broken. He really does love Tugger. In my grief I went to Bob's VW to pick up some spark plugs for my other bug. While I was there I found an adjustable, narrowed front beam with everything I need to put into Ed the bug. The price was so good that I had to buy it. I am really excited to put it in. It's going to have to wait until the Mini Indy is over but it will be nice to drop the front end of Ed back to where it's suppose to be. Dixie and my Dad tell me to keep my other front end so I can put it back in when I bend the new one. Hopefully that won't happen again. The annual trip to St. George is almost here so keep an eye out for some cool pictures of the journey down and back. It should hopefully be a fun trip.   

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