Friday, March 15, 2013

Ellie's New Old Scooter!

Ellie has been loving the good weather and has been using Isaac's old Spiderman scooter. She rides up and down the driveway constantly. I asked her if she wanted to paint her scooter and she got all excited and was yelling PINK, PINK, PINK. She has me wrapped around her finger so I took her to Lowe's and we picked out some paint for the scooter. I talked her into some purple also so it wasn't all pink. It was a nice day and I had the day off work so I decided to paint it for her. Here is the old Spiderman scooter.
We started by stripping all the parts off the scooter. Here is the frame. There isn't much to these Chinese made scooters.
I used a step ladder to hang some stuff on. Here is the old Spiderman foot pad. The graphics were in the plastic so I bought some good plastic primer and painted all the plastic pieces first.
 All the plastic parts here are ready for paint.
 The frame all painted in pink. It is definitely pink!
The wheels are going to look a little funny because they are green and black. I thought about painting the whole wheel but decided to leave a little black on it so I just hand painted the inside part of the wheels. They look pretty good.
 Here it is all put together. I think it looks pretty good. It definitely fits Ellie's girlish style now. I haven't let her ride it yet because I wanted to give the paint a day to hopefully dry more.
 The number plate is plain looking right now. I will let Ellie and Dixie decide on what to do with it. They can decorate it with some stickers or I can tape off a design in it and paint something cool.
That's what happened the first part of the weekend. Tomorrow I am going to re-index the rear torsion arms on the baja bug and trim out the fenders. It's up on jack stands right now ready to be worked on.

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