Saturday, September 24, 2011

Baja hit the ground running!

I decided that this was the week the baja would get up and running. Then, I got sent to Tucson for 3 days and I thought I would have to push it off. I got lucky today and was able to spend some time in the garage and get everything ready so we could try to start the engine. I bypassed the voltage regulator and then I temporarily zip tied the coil up because I was too anxious to fire it up. I will do a better job mounting the coil. I just had to see if it would run. It took awhile for the fuel to get through all the lines I had replaced and fill up the float bowl but it eventually did and started up. It ran pretty bad until I was able to mess with the timing and tune the carb. It runs pretty good now but I still need to do some tweaking before it will run great. I am running an 009 distributor which sucks but it is what I have at my disposal and price range. It has a flat spot I am trying to work out of it and I will eventually change to a same SVDA distributor I have on my other bug when some funding comes through. anyways, It was fun to start and drive around. This engine is a lot louder then my other bugs and Ellie really didn't like the noise. The boys liked driving around in it and Dixie tolerated it for a minute then she had enough. I get the feeling she doesn't like it much. She did mention that the ride was a lot nicer then Ed's. It's definitely softer on the bumps. It takes a lot of skill to drive Ed because you have to think ahead to avoid any debris or potholes that may come your way. I have come to know and learned to avoid where all the bad spots are on the roads I travel regularly.

 I had to get some gas in some cans so I wouldn't run out. I still need to paint and install the back bumper.
 It shifted pretty good and went into reverse just fine. I think it can use a shift rod bushing replaced and maybe the coupling but other than that it should be a good driver. I still haven't checked the heat out but I can always get that going later.
 It is really running in this picture. It's hard to tell but trust me it is. I have the picture to prove it just below.
 See, every time I would start it up, Ellie would scream. Did I mention the exhaust is pretty loud. I will have to baby it out of the neighborhood when I go to work.
Well, now that I know it drives and shifts, I think I will take the time to paint the bumpers, powdercoat the wheels, fix a couple front end issues and look for some real cheap tires to throw on it. Should be a fun, cheap winter car.

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