Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to the garage!

Well, It's been a really busy couple of weeks and I haven't had much time to work on either bug yet alone update the blog. I finally got some time today to plan a little on the baja between winterizing the sprinklers and trailer. I had to do a lot of shifting around today so I could put the trailer down the side of the house and get the driveway arranged. I had to change the oil on the truck also but I managed to buy the front end parts I need for the baja. I got all 4 ball joints, all the tie rods and picked up a couple o-rings I needed for the engine. I have a leak on the front of the engine and remembered about an o-ring that goes on the flywheel that I forgot to replace while I had it off. Dang it, That means the engine has to come back out. A minor set back but a set back all the same. I am really hoping to have it licensed in October. I am shooting for October so I can space out some of the vehicles registration months. It seems like all our vehicles are do right after Christmas and go until May. Anyways, I have no pictures to post but I will definitely get some during the front end rebuild. I also have a bunch of powder coating to do and hopefully I can get it done in the next 2 weeks. Until then I guess the baja gets to enjoy some garage time but if winter hits really soon, it will get kicked out whether it's done or not.

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