Sunday, September 11, 2011

Peach Days 2011

Well, we didn't decide until 8 in the morning on Saturday that we were going to go up to Brigham City for Peach Days. Peach Days is a celebration in Brigham City where there is a parade, car show, bike show, a bunch of carnival like rides and many vendors selling stuff. We wanted to hit the parade that started at 10 so we piled in the van and drove up. I had been asking all week who was going with me and Isaac was the only one that would commit. Saturday the whole family wanted to go so we ditched the idea of driving the bug up and took the van. I had a blast up there. Dixie told me she probably wouldn't go next year and I think the kids had a pretty good time. Hmm, well we will see next year. Maybe me and all the kids will cruise up in the bug and Dixie can have a day off. We got there at the perfect time because we found a good spot on the street and the parade started right after we sat down. It was a long parade lasting almost 2 hours. The truck behind us here is a city truck. We set our chairs up in front of him and a cop told us we had to move in case they needed to bring an ambulance in there. The guy from the city talked the cop into letting us stay. Thanks to whoever you are. The seats were awesome.
It was really sunny but that was OK. Ellie had a good time but wanted to get down and crawl around on the street. It was too hot for her to do that so we held her against her will most of the time. She really liked the music from the bands and floats and would dance every time they came by. She hated the loud sirens from the fire trucks and police cars though.
 The first thing that came down the road right after the flag was a real live tank. I have never seen a tank driving in my life and the boys went nuts. It was a cool site.

 This was about an hour into it. It was a long parade.
I was kinda intrigued and bummed at the same time I saw these. I like the work involved in shortening them but I wish they wouldn't of done it to a split window bus. They actually had 3 of them.
 This was Isaac's favorite one of the parade.
 Here is a very nice Chevy. One of the last cars to drive in the parade.
We went to lunch and then headed over to the car show. Steven had a friend hitch a ride with him a few times that day. He must have a dragon fly personality.
 This was Dixie's favorite of the show. She liked the big light on the top.
 This was my pick for the coolest car at the show. The owner was cool enough to let my boys get in and Isaac even put on the fighter helmet and goggles.
 Here is a picture of the whole side. It was a home built car with an aviation theme. Something I have always wanted to do. It was really cool. I loved it.
This is Stevens favorite of course. Look at the machine gun up top, how can you not think it's cool. This one also drove in the parade right after the tank.
 Coolest Baja there. Isaac asked if his baja could be like this one. I told him to get a job, he's gonna need it!
 Another person let my boys sit in his car. This is another rat rod. This guy was super cool and even let Isaac start it so we could hear how loud it is. The rat rod culture sure has my interest. They make cars out of various parts from all sorts of cars. I think I am going to have to build one someday. The people are really cool also. I guarantee you will never get a guy that trailered his car to a show let 2 boys get in and have their picture taken. Very, Very COOL. Gonna have to build one! This one actually was Isaac's favorite one of the show.
 Another rat rod. Can you tell that I really like them?
We didn't even make it through half the show, but the family was hot and tired so we decided to call it a day. I heard that there were 952 cars registered at the show. Wow, that is huge. I think it is bigger then Logan's show and it's free to get into. I think this is my new favorite show. Next year I will enter the bug and spend more time at the festivities. On our way home we were pleasantly surprised with a car that pulled behind us. It was my favorite of the show. It was too cool to see it drive down the road. Here it is behind us.
 and on the side of us. Hey, where's his cool fighters helmet and goggles?
 And in front of us. I had to go real slow so he would pass us. I would totally drive this to work every sunny day there is.
A very fun weekend that I was able to spend with my family doing what I love to do. I am lucky they want to do it with me.


Ken said...

Wow..what a nice family activity! I like the Baja the best of your pictures. Cool!

The Bug Boys said...

The baja was very very cool. Peach days is going on the list of yearly activities to do.