Thursday, February 3, 2011

You know you're a classic VW owner if..

I love this list and a lot of them hit home. I added an asterisk to those I experience daily.

*1. There is a possibility Your vehicle is older than you.

2. You knew where the Oil Dip stick was before the Gas filler was.

*3. People call your vehicle "cute" and you're not offended.

4. You own a Bentley too but you read that.

5. People know where you park at work since the Oil Spots are in a different place.

*6. Buying something 40 years old and German is way better than Chinese and NEW.

*7. You think that adjusting your valves and brakes is a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

*8. You get behind an old person driving and glad it isn't you holding up traffic for once.

*9. Someone asks you what that noise is and you call it "perfectly Normal".

10. You have ever installed a door hinge to make your accelerator pedal work.

*11. Not only do you carry a full toolbox and typical spares with you at all times, but also blankets, pillows and snacks enough to live comfortably should the repair be out of your reach until help arrives.

12. You know who John Muir is and you actually think you can converse with him telepathically to help fix your VW.

13. You carry a 3 1/2 ton floor jack, just incase you need to pull the motor.

14. Your friends always ask to borrow tools when you stop by because they know you're carrying them with you.

*15. You change down a gear to help the heating system blow harder.

*16. You are so comfortable laying under your bug that you can actually doze off for a few minutes.

17. Your Exhaust system has no less than 6 connections.

*18. You see nothing unusual about driving wearing ski gloves and 2 coats.

*19. There's both frost on the inside as well as the outside of your windows

*20. You love your car in a way only non-VW owners can dream about.

*21. You get up in the morning actually looking forward to the drive to work

*22. You hear people say that heat doesn't work in a VW, but when you switch it off.. you really notice the difference.

*23. You pass a junk yard and wonder if they have any parts you need.

*24. You own a book, a bag of Wrenches (spanners) and some screwdrivers and you keep it going with those.

25. You start out speeding towards a hill (the best you can), but still end up at the top with a line of cars behind you.

26. You are serious about the "Honk if you see anything fall off" Sticker.

27. You spot another bug in the grocery store parking lot parked way out, and you will pass up open spots close to the door to park your bug next to it.

*28. You spend more time looking in the rear view mirror than out your front windshield. Looking for familiar parts, faster cars and Cops.

29. The judge immediately throws out the speeding ticket after seeing a picture of your Bug.

30. When you see the cops behind, you don't even bother to check your speed, it isn't that, that they are interested in.

*31. 5th gear, that's reverse, right?

32. You carry a tow rope and jumper cables at all times... just in case.

*33. You slow down to look at the vehicle's reflection in store windows.

*34. Air Conditioning is for Wimps.

35. Part of your household budget includes a "Bus, Bug, Ghia or thing needs" section.

*36. You have permanent red marks on your back from the springs of the seat poking you in the back.

*37. Running your vehicle's engine faster can auctally help it cool down.

*38. When the drive to anywhere you go is the most adventurous part of the trip.

39.  If every time someone reaches for the window crank you start to panic and yell "be careful, that comes right off

40. People honk at you and are happy, though some are grumpy because you're too slow.

*41. The best sound in the world is your VW engine.

*42. You can diagnose engine problems just using your sense of smell.

43. You ask your wife, "do you smell gas?"

*44. You know what the term "double clutching" means.

45. You have a radio but don't use it cause you're listening to the motor.

46. You carry a spare motor on long trips.

*47. You love to hear the whine of the fan while shifting through the gears

*48. You browse, almost daily, the local classified for "VW" and nothing newer than 1979 but most probably 1969.

*49. You use the emergency brake at intersections for the first mile after leaving home on cold mornings, while your right foot is still on the gas to keep it running.

*50. You sometimes have to get out of your VW to start it.

51. You would never consider buying parts for your VW from the Dealer, even if they stocked them.

52. You look for new parts for your Vehicle by going through boxes of, what seems like junk to others.

*53. You empty your pockets at night and along with the keys there is a 8 & 13mm wrench.

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