Saturday, January 22, 2011

A look inside.

Well, I spent the afternoon working on the bug. I installed some new to me seats that I got awhile back. They are in better shape than mine and look pretty good. Removing and installing seats in a bug is simple. Here are some pics. 

They look pretty good. I have a perfect back seat that was recovered before I bought the bug and I don't want to mess it up because it looks so good so I think I am going to get another back seat and use the cover that I have that matches the front seats on that. I am in dire need of some new carpet now that the seats look good. I guess my birthday is coming up. Maybe if I'm really nice to Dixie she will get a carpet kit for me. 

While the seats were out I cleaned up the floorboards and truly found a treasure. The seat belt releases originally had some white handles on them and here you can see mine are missing.
Well while I was cleaning out the seat tracks I found these.

I couldn't believe I found both of them. They cleaned up like new and I installed them back on to the release levers. Here they are.
These are pretty hard to find if they are missing so I was pretty pleased.

I was able to get the rear decklid seal put on today and install an antennae I had sitting around for a long time. While I was up front I cleaned out my trunk and made an emergency kit to put in there with common things that go out on a bug. It still looks a little shabby but not bad for a 42 year old car.

Isaac was my helper for part of the day until the need to play the wii pulled him away. Oh well, at least he helped for awhile. He is always one to  be willing to help in the garage. At least for a little while

It won't be long until this picture might be a common site.
I think I will have even less hair when that happens. Hopefully they both will have spent enough time in the garage with me to know how to fix things themselves when they break. I wonder if Ed will survive long enough to be driven by my boys? 

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