Friday, January 14, 2011

Installing the bugs engine.

Well, It has been a long day but the engine is back in the bug. It's still up on jack stands and the hood is still off but it is ready to be started. Hopefully it will tomorrow. Both Steven and Isaac are sick and couldn't help so I promised them I would take lots of pictures of the engine being installed. It was a little bit hard getting the engine up on the jack by myself while it was under the bug but I eventually got it on. I was jacking it up just as Dixie walked out to see how it was going. I realized then that I was maxed out on the jack and when I had pulled the engine out originally I had put a 2X6 between the jack and the motor. I was glad Dixie was there so I held the engine up while she lowered the jack and put the 2x6 on it. After that it went really well. (except when I was changing the fuel lines and filter and had gas running down my arms and the heater I had was way too close.) I guess luck was with me because I didn't catch on fire or blow anything up. I connected the heater ducts and cables and installed the missing fourth bolt that holds the engine in. Here are the pictures in sequence as to putting the engine in. When I started Frosty was my only help and company.

 Here I had to lift the motor and push the jack under it all through the engine bay hole.
 Here is the engine right before I started jacking it into position.
 View looking into the engine bay right before I started jacking it up.
                                                                      Part way up.
Here is where I realized that the jack was maxed out and I still had another inch to go. Luckily Dixie came out and helped me get a 2x6 put in.

Here are a couple of pictures that show each side. The only things left to do are hook up the throttle cable, lower the car back to the ground, start it and fine tune the carb and timing, install the air cleaner, install the hood and take it for a test spin. I should be able to drive it to work on Monday if all goes well.

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