Thursday, January 13, 2011

All we need is some muscle, and luck, and warm weather, etc.....

Well, the bugs engine is finally ready to be put back in. All the tin is installed, new seals have been put in, and everything has been torqued. All we need now is some muscle to take the engine off the stand and put it on the jack so we can jack it into place. Hopefully all that will happen tomorrow, with any luck it will actually run too and hopefully not leak. Here is the engine all ready to be put in.

It doesn't look like much especially with the old muffler on but it is a good muffler and I didn't want to spend the money to replace it when it doesn't need it. There actually is a lot of work involved with taking everything down to a bare block and then prepping and powdercoating all the parts that came off. I can't wait to get it back in and running. I removed the old tar boards that were on the firewall and installed some new ones. I had big dreams of making a carbon fiber firewall and I do have one in my garage but it would take way to much time to fit it and it probably wouldn't look as good as the tar boards. I actually really like the stock look of a bugs engine so it will actually match better in the long run. Here are the tar boards installed.

I put a new seal in the transaxle also and installed a new throw out bearing. Here is a close up of that.

So, tomorrow I have a buddy coming over and I think I will get him to help me lift the engine off the stand and try to get it up in the bug. The city just barely tried to plow our neighborhood. There was about a 6 inch trough/berm in the street of ice and snow. They came through with a big road grader trying to plow. It still doesn't look like they did a very good job but maybe if I get the bug running I will be able to drive on our street without getting high centered. Dixie told me I would never make it out of the neighborhood because of the snow. I know I would of tried and I probably would have to get my truck out and tow it back to the driveway. Bugs go great in the snow but with only 2 inches of clearance it might be tough.

Stay tuned tomorrow and see if it's running!

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