Thursday, February 24, 2011

The reason Ed (the bug) isn't going to be painted this year.

Well, It looks like Ed's going to go another year without being painted. We spent the money that we had stashed away on a new to us camp trailer. We always planned on getting another trailer to replace the one we sold but I had all but given up on finding the one I wanted. I had some very specific things I wanted in a trailer. I looked back at my blog and this is what I had listed as must haves for the trailer.

1. It has to have bunks in it for the boys.

2. It has to have a queen size bed that is set up all the time.

3. It has to have fiberglass sides.

4. It has to have absolutely NO WATER DAMAGE. Been there done that!

5. It has to have an outside shower.

6. It can't be any longer than 25 feet.

I really hadn't looked for awhile but a couple friends of mine had gone to the RV show and asked if I was still looking at getting a trailer. I mentioned I wasn't sure and decided to take a quick peek at This trailer had only been listed for a couple hours and it was exactly what I wanted. The price was great and in my price range so I decided to go look at it. I called and the trailer was only a couple of streets down the road from the house. I looked at it, made an offer and told him I would be back with my wife and some cash to hold it for us. Generally when I buy something I research it out and know exactly what I want. I have looked at trailers enough to know this was a good deal and it not only had everything I wanted but had many extras I only wished for.

As Paul Harvey says, Here is the rest of the story:

 Dixie and Isaac are showing their enthusiasm for the new trailer.
 Here is a picture of the whole trailer and Dixie and Isaac.
 It has bunks This was a definite must have on my list.
 It has triple bunks for all the boys! The bottom one is a little cramped for me though.
Here is the queen bed that is set up all the time. Another must have.
 As you can see it has fiberglass sides. # 3 on the must have list.
 Here is the kitchen. The previous owner just installed a brand new faucet because the other one had broken.
the sink looks brand new.
 This is looking forward in the trailer.
 Here is a wish list item. It has a microwave. I don't know why I wished for this because it won't run on the battery and we do a lot of  dry docking without a generator. But if we are plugged in we can have microwave popcorn!
 The bathroom is spotless and has plenty of room.
 It has a small bath with a seat in it. It will work great for Ellie and the boys but I won't fit.
 It came with this cool clock. That's an old Cadillac pulling an airstream. Pretty Cool!
 Here is # 5 on the must have list. It's an outside shower and I will definitely fit here. At least I can wash my hair off while camping.
A nice stereo with a tape and CD player. It has room for a TV but that must be provided by us.
 Here is a wish list item that I was thrilled to see. It is a power jack. Our old trailer had one and it would just suck to have to crank it up and down by hand, especially with the equalizer hitch that was included.
 here is the stove and oven. It looks like it has never been used. I couldn't even find a crumb or a mark where the paint was discolored by the heat.
 #6 on the list was it had to be less then 25 feet. This one measures in at 24 foot and the wish list came out also because it is an ultralight. It weighs less then our old one. It also is framed up with aluminum framing. A total bonus.
 Here is another bonus. It has an outside gas line for a propane stove that hooks onto the side of the trailer.
Here is the whole setup. I don't have the equalizer hooked up and my truck isn't squatting at all. It was total luck we came across this trailer. The boys and hopefully girls will like this trailer more then Ed getting painted and There is no water damage. So you can see that all the must haves were met and hopefully it will take our family on some great adventures for years to come. Now we just have to wait for the camping season to start!

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