Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Super Shakes are Gone! (Well almost)

Well, the idler arm still had some fight left in it. I was able to get the brass bushing in easy enough but I had to buy a Die and chase the threads for the shaft. I tried everything I could to clean them up but I ended up giving in an chasing the threads with a fairly uncommon Die. Anyways here it is with the brass bushing installed and with it in the car. As you can see I had my beautiful wife's hand to liven up the picture.

This thing was a real turd. I also added a cotter pin hole on the arm nut so it wouldn't work its way off. I haven't installed the cotter pins yet but I will.

And with that I adjusted the front brakes and took it for a test spin down the road. It drove 100 percent better then when I first drove it. I felt a little shake and then it went away. It still needs to be aligned and I need to check the tire pressures and maybe get them balanced. The steering is pretty sloppy still so I think I will go ahead and put the universal shaft on it especially since I have a new one that my buddy had already bought.

I am still concerned with the back drums. They are making some horrible noises and I suspect that a wheel bearing is going bad. I need to pull both drums off and make sure they are put together right and look closely at the wheel bearings. I am also going to tweak the engine carb and timing a little bit. It's driving me nuts and that doesn't cost anything. It can run so much better with a little adjustment. Other than some back brake adjustments and a parking brake adjustment it should be good to go. I took some pictures of the super and my bug together. It will show how much I really lowered mine and show you some differences between the 2.

 I did kick it out of the garage also. It snowed on Ed last night and I was getting antsy to get him back in. The drive to work was interesting this morning to say the least. Have you ever ridden a bike on ice before? If you have then you know how my drive to work was!

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