Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Not all Air Filters are created equal!

I always here people telling me that all the oil out there is bottled at the same plant and they just change the bottles so you might as well buy the cheap stuff. I also hear that all gas is the same, all grease is the same, all parts are made in China by the same company etc..... Well I call bull on all that. Here is a good example. People say it doesn't matter what air filter you buy, they are all the same so buy the cheapest one. Look at these 2 filters and see if you can notice the difference other then the one on the left being used and the one on the right being new.
 The new one has many more pleats then the old one. Almost 2 to 1 more pleats.
 More pleats = better filter! There really is no comparison.
 The one on the left is from O'reillys Auto Parts and the one on the right is a Napa gold filter from Napa auto parts.
So, to end this rant, just remember all parts are not the same and if you are needing an air filter, buy a napa gold or a wix filter. The wix and napa gold filters are 2 dollars more then the microgard that o'reilly sells and well worth that 2 dollars. Don't even think about running an STP Air, Oil, or any other kind of filter that auto zone sells. They are not worth the box they are packaged in. OK end of rant for now. Someday I will post my findings I found on oil filters after I cut them open to examine them. They are not all created equal either!

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