Sunday, June 1, 2014

Enjoying the Drive Part 11

This is a lot of pictures for enjoying the drive. I guess it's been a month since I did it last and I have been on the road for many miles in that month so here it goes: This one doesn't really qualify because it's being towed but it deserves to be shown. Hopefully it's going to a place where the owner will get it out and drive it. This picture was taken in Wyoming.
 This was cool and I could picture cruising it down the road. Unfortunately this is the only picture I was able to get. This was in South Dakota.
 This truck was interesting. The body was in nice shape but it has questionable modifications on it. The back bumper looks like its from a newer car. This one was in Missouri.
 I passed this Karmann Ghia as we were heading to Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo Texas. I really like Karmann Ghia's. It was raining like crazy and so that impresses me to see it out on the road.
We passed this bus on Route 66. I can't remember which state we were in.
 This vanagon passed me on I-215 as I was going home from work. It looks like it was ready for some serious camping.
 I think this car was following the T Bucket that was being hauled by the flat bed. It looked and sounded good.
 I have seen this T Bucket around town for a long time. Hopefully it gets some miles put on it in the future.
It's funny how many vehicles come out when the weather turns nice. I spotted this Thing as I stopped for some gas in West Valley.
 Again close to home, this Lincoln was getting some gas. I think these Lincoln's are awesome. Even the four door ones are cool when they are lowered a bit and have cool wheels on them.
 I took this picture for my son because he loves stuff like this and I thought it was a good fit to be posted here. I know these trucks drive really rough but maybe they are better with a camper on the back. This was in Winnemucca, Nevada.
 This Hot Rod was also in Winnemucca and it was one of the coolest cars I have seen. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of it but it was gone before I could.
I think this was a husband and wife in each of these mustangs. The red one was driven by a guy and the black one was driven by a women. They were together and looked to be heading to Rocky Mountain Raceway.
 They were both really clean cars. This black one looked all stock while the red one looked like it was hopped up.
 My buddy sent this one. It's been a while since this one has been driven by someone enjoying the drive but it's great yard art. It reminds me of a house in Riverton that has a similar set up. I will have to get a picture of that house one of these days.
 Another photo from my friend. I like this one a lot. The dog inside it is cool also!
 A T-bird that is looking good. My buddy is giving me a run for the money on the contest to find the coolest car.
This picture shows how badly I need to clean my windows. This car was one of the coolest I have seen in this post but I am really partial to these cars. I think that makes me biased.
This is Vance's Uncles car. He was helping him move it and was given the choice on whether to drive this one or his uncles new truck. If your a car guy or gal, you know that that is not a very hard choice. I need to ask Vance if he did a burnout in it. I'm not sure if I could drive it and not do one. Ha Ha.
 Dixie has even got into the spirit of finding different vehicles and getting pictures of them for this blog. This is her addition and it is very interesting to say the least. She has seen it a couple times around town. I think I would have to wait until the owners came out so I could see what they look like. I need to get a tour of this thing on the inside.
 Dang Vance has too many connections! This one is his buddies. I like it A LOT!
We passed this t-bird in Missouri. I love this body style. I dig the colors on it also.
 Nice little pickup.
 and another truck.
 This picture DOES NOT do this car justice. It was immaculate and being a black car of this size says a lot about how nice it was. Black is hard enough to make look good but then you add the size of this car and that adds a whole new light to how well this car was done. I watched him drive through a dip in the road and he scrapped all along it. Ha Ha, You have just got to love guys that will put this much money and time into a car and still dare to drive them. With that said, I am choosing this one the winner for post number 11 in "Enjoying the Drive".
The close runner up in this contest is Vance's Uncles Ford. If he got a picture of it doing a burnout I think it would of won but you never know. I am really biased on the winner because when I saw the car driving and heard the sound of it I was drooling all over it. Ha Ha, until next time remember, Life's too short to drive boring cars!

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