Thursday, October 24, 2013

Enjoying the Drive part 5.

Here are the cars I found this week. I think they were all loving the drive. The first one was a mustang driven by a girl. Dixie captured this shot. She's my camera person when she's with me.
 My buddy was driving when I got this picture. The bus was pretty beat and it looked like a couple of hippies were driving it.
 I was at lunch when this truck drove by. It looked to be like a nice truck that was just getting put together after it was painted. I like this year of fords.
 I took this picture today on my way home. It was an awesome coe. The guy driving it looked like he was having a blast. Looks like a cool, fun business also.
The weather has been awesome lately. I am thinking that when the weather turns crappier it will become a lot harder to get these pictures. Everyone is getting some last drives in before the weather gets cold.  Hoping to get the bugs front end all buttoned up this weekend. I did get most of the engine tin powder coated, so the engine should be going back together soon. Until the next post, Keep on buggin!

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