Tuesday, October 1, 2013

54 years and worlds apart!

We were cleaning the shop at work today and had the outside door open. I spotted this caddy pulling in to the parking lot. We naturally had to go and check it out. It's in great shape and it is my favorite year of all the Cadillac's. As we were looking at it I realized the Chevy volt parked next to it. I laughed and pointed out the irony of the 2 cars. There is more steel in the front bumper of the Cadillac then there is in all of the volt. The Cadillac is also about 3 times as long as the volt. 
 I love the bumper. It was cool to see the difference that 59 years makes.
 If I had to choose between which of these 2 cars I would drive everyday, It wouldn't be a hard choice.
 I am pretty sure I know who has a funner time driving to work between these 2 cars. The sad thing is that the volt costs almost twice as much as the caddy does. It would take many years and miles to make up the difference in the cost of the volt. The caddy would only go up in value also and the volt will only go down. Especially when the batteries are dead in the volt.

I had to share the excitement we had today in the shop. I lead a pretty boring life I guess. Ha Ha. Oh well, it pays the bills. Until the next post, Drive something with fins if you get a chance!

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