Saturday, June 15, 2013

Finally some time to clean up the tools and the garage!

The shop has been bugging me for quite awhile. I have been too busy working on cars to get it cleaned and organized. Today I finally had time to do some cleaning. I actually cleaned my tools and put them away in the toolbox. I have been sliding them from one job to the other with my foot for a month now. Ha Ha. Anyways, I had a huge pile of stuff in front of the bug and I started with that. Steven came out to help me clean in the garage so he wouldn't have to help Dixie weed the garden. He was a big help to me so I didn't complain. I had to find a spot for the press I bought to do the wheel bearings on the Subaru and I moved my engine hoist and stand out from the shop area to the front of the garage.
 This was the mess in the shop area. I told Dixie we have too much stuff and the only real good option was to extend the front of the garage out 33 feet. She told me if we do that she wants a half bath where the shop is located. I think that can be arranged. I would be happy with a big sink and a urinal.
 As I was cleaning I found my ceiling fan and electrical box I bought last year. I figured it was kind of hot so why not install the fan to get some air circulating. It seemed like a good idea until I had to climb into the attic to install the box and do the wiring. It was REALLY hot up there!
 I got the box installed here. I can almost feel cold air right now.
 Here is the fan. It works good and cools the shop area and a little bit of the garage. I mounted it directly on the ceiling so I would have maximum height. I figured I didn't need the optional light kit for it. I have plenty of light, I just needed air movement.
I bought some pegboard a month or so ago and I hung that up today also. I think it will work out awesome. I was saving a spot for it right above my tool box. I got the idea from this picture below.
 I absolutely love this garage and the hot rod also. I'm not sure if my tool board will ever look this good but hopefully it will. What an awesome picture!
I hung up my roof rack so I am not tripping over it all the time. I also got this corner cleaned out and organized. The press is pretty accessible and this is a better spot for the engine hoist and stand. I always have the lawn mower or the snow blower in the garage so I have a spot for that also.
 I even had time to hang up my shop clock. I can actually see my workbench now. It's amazing! I still need to build a tire rack for some tires I have, and hang up some tools on my tool board. I could also use a couple ladder racks and I need to hang up my nova hood on the ceiling someday. I want to paint it first. I made some good progress today and I can actually move around in the garage so that's a good thing.
The Subaru drove away today (neighbors are probably happy about that) and both my cars are in the garage. I guess that means that everything is right with the world once again. I am looking for a little (and I mean little) refrigerator for the shop. I am getting tired of drinking warm water bottles from the case of water I keep in the garage so if you have one you want to sell for cheap, let me know.

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