Saturday, June 1, 2013

Ed's in the weeds.

It's been a busy day in the garage. I started the day pulling the hub off the Subaru so I could take it in to work on Monday and replace the wheel bearing with their press. I forgot to bring out my camera for that. Sorry but here is a really good step by step write up with pictures on how to do it.
I removed the hub and turned my attention to the bug. I needed to tighten everything up, install the shocks, and do a quick eyeball alignment on it so I can get it to Russ's for an alignment. Ellie was right in the thick of things throughout the day. She is always such a good helper in the garage.
 She always has a good time too.
 She's definitely not afraid to jump in with both feet and hands.
 This picture doesn't really show how close the ground is to the pan. It would be interesting to put a camera here and watch the road and the suspension working. Maybe I am just weird but I think it would be cool.
This shows how low it is. I had it lower the first time I took it off the jack stands but the adjuster was about a half inch from the ground. It was too low. I raised it up with the adjusters a little and this is where is sits now.
 This is the original picture before I removed the old beam. It was just over 6 inches high.
Here it is now. I lowered it about 3 inches. It is definitely on the ground now.
 I cant make it over a soda can. I took Dixie for a ride in it tonight and at one point it sounded like something was coming apart up front. It ended up just being a rock that didn't clear the front end. We just kind of rolled it along for awhile. Dixie didn't seem very impressed. Hmm, maybe I should raise it up a little. It was worse after I filled the gas tank with fuel. I guess it added another 60 pounds to the front making it that much lower.
 Here is a profile shot. It looks pretty good I think. I will need to drive it for a week or 2 and see how everything settles. I will then see how I like the stance.
 Here is a shot from the back. It's good to have Ed back. I still need to fine tune the height and then I will get it aligned. It will then officially be ready for Summer.
There is a VW drag race at Rocky Mountain Raceway on Friday. I went last year and it was pretty fun. I am going to try to make it again. Hopefully things work out. I have the Subaru and the Honda's struts to do next Saturday. Looks like another busy weekend coming up.

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