Thursday, May 9, 2013

Playing with the shop's logo.

I have been wanting to get a logo for Olson's Speed Shop since I came up with the idea for the shop. I have no artistic ability and I couldn't get anyone to sketch me out some logos even with some bribing with cold hard cash. My friend found out and he asked if he could draw some sketches. I was ecstatic. I told him heck ya, I would love that. He came up with some awesome logo's. They are all super cool and I will probably use them all at some time. Here they are. Let me know which one is your favorite!

This one has a 57 Chevy look to it.
 This is cool because it has a 32 Ford on it, the pistons represent a horizontal engine like a VW's and it is wrapped up in a big white wall tire like the 50's customs I love.
 This is Dixie's favorite. It has a flat head V8 and it definitely resembles the awesome signs that were on Route 66 back in the day.
 This one would look awesome on the wall of the shop. I love the piston and the 4 speed shift pattern.
This ones cool. It has the big block flags that Chevy used, a piston and the V that Fords used for their V8. I like the automobile logos on the flag also. It would match the shop because we service basically anything with an engine.
 This has the International symbol integrated with it which would fit right in with the shop truck.
 I absolutely love all of them. I can see them on shirts and hats and on the side of the shop truck. Now I just have to decide on which ones and where to use them. Thanks again Vance for the cool logos. If I ever get shirts made you are getting the first one! They are exactly what I was looking for.

On a side note, Ellie and I went to a cruise night tonight at the Arctic Circle. It was lots of fun and when she saw this car she would not leave it without me taking her picture. Here it is. Ha Ha. It matches her outfit.

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