Saturday, May 11, 2013

Guess it's time for new tires.

I wanted to get Ed registered this weekend so I planned on driving down and getting the safety and emission inspection done on him Friday. I knew my tires were getting low on tread so I figured I would look at them before I drove there. This is what I found. Dang, so instead of getting the bug registered I spent some time locating tires it.
 I planned on just buying the tires and then mounting them myself. I did that last time and it worked out pretty good. I got Ed up on jack stands and pulled the tires.
I ran down to the Discount tires by my house today and waited in line for awhile. I got irritated at the wait and so I left. I decided to go to the Discount I usually go to and the one I like in Kearns and I was glad I did. There was no line there and I got a smoking deal on my bugs tires AND new tires for Dixie's van. I walked away with tires for both cars for 200 dollars less than I had planned to spend on tires for Dixie's van alone. Not only that but they mounted and balanced the bug tires for free. I scored on this one. Maybe new tires on Dixie's van will count as my mothers day present to her. Ha Ha. It did put me in a little bind though because now I need to install struts and get the van aligned before too long so the new tires don't start to wear funny. I guess that's the next project. The front end of the bug will have to wait yet again! If you need to learn how to install struts on a Honda Odyssey check back. It will be on here shortly.


Rita said...

You definitely scored on that one! It's hassle-free because you don’t have to do the tires installation yourself, and you even saved money. I hope it gets you to where you want to go safely. I’ve read your post about the strut installation and you seemed good at it. Kudos to that! @ Evans Tire & Service Centers

The Bug Boys said...