Friday, January 11, 2013

Olson's Speed Shop!

I decided a couple months ago to start a part time business out of my garage. It's taken me awhile to get geared up and going with it and I think it's finally ready to go. It is called Olson's Speed Shop. I am  focusing on automobiles primarily but I will also work on lawn mowers, snow blowers, tillers, bikes, etc....(Pretty much anything mechanical)  It will be everything from oil changes, tune ups, brakes, suspension work, and even engine and/or transmission changes. I have done quite a bit of work out of my garage already but I figured I would make it official. I plan on just doing it by word of mouth for now which has kept me fairly busy so far and if you bring something for me to work on you should plan on it showing up in this blog. Here are my hourly rates.
Ha Ha just kidding. I am actually very reasonable on prices and they will be determined by the job, not an hourly rate. If you have some work that needs to be done, just contact me and let me know. I will probably only offer full synthetic oil changes because there is no way I can compete with the big chain stores for conventional motor oil. I will be cheaper then them on full synthetic oil changes though. (synthetic is better anyways!) I already have 2 projects in the garage right now. the first one is an easy job rebuilding a carburetor on a snow blower, It should of been done already but I have been held up by parts. It seems like there is not a carb rebuild kit available anywhere for this particular snow blower until the end of next week. I was really hoping to of had it going for this last snow storm we had. It's only a 20 minute job from here but I cant get it done until I get the parts. Here it is:
 The 2nd job is a bit more involved. I am actually helping a friend out who is helping a relative. It's starting tomorrow in the garage and may take a couple weekends. It will be a good test run for the garage though. We are changing the transmission on a 2003 Honda Pilot. We are going to remove the engine and transmission together as 1 unit. While we have the engine out, we are going to change the timing belt, water pump, rear main seal, idler pulley, spark plugs, and adjust the valves. It should be an interesting project. Hopefully it will go smoothly. Here is the car all nice and warm in my garage. Hopefully it will be all dried off by the morning so we aren't laying in a puddle of water.
 Here is the transmission we are going to put in it. It came from a wrecked pilot that only had 50,000 miles on it and is guaranteed to work. I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a good one. This pilot is all wheel drive so that adds some fun to the project. The engine and trans comes out from the bottom on the pilots. You remove the sub frame and then drop it out. I will blog the progress along the way.
So I guess this makes it as official, Olson's Speed Shop is open for business. If you need some work done, feel free to call me or come by the garage. I have to warn you though, my schedule is getting full already and I hadn't even announced that I was going to open for business. I have an engine change, strut change, spark plugs and cam phasers, lined up for sometime in the future and Dixie says that I need to pencil in some time to change the struts on her van. Keep checking out the blog and you'll see whats happening in Olson's Speed Shop. You never know, it may just be your stuff.

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